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Al Jazair Public Beach Bahrain – Zallaq

Hi, my dear simple readers. Today, we will talk more about Al Jazair Public Beach Bahrain, also known as Zallaq Beach or Al Jazaer Beach. It is located in Zallaq. It is a well-known travel destination among many things to do in Bahrain. To know other must-visit places in Bahrain, click here.

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What is the Al Jazair Public Beach Bahrain?

The Zallaq beach or the Al Jazair Beach is a beach located in Zallaq area in Bahrain. It is quite long and is sandy enough for a good run. You can swim within the safe borders set up by the beach authorities but mind you, the water is salty. You can also relax by the beach, and even plan a nice family picnic. The best time to visit the beach are during the winters or in summers after 3 PM to avoid the extreme harsh sun.

Zallaq Beach is a good drive from the city manama to the south of bahrain. The beach is a long stretch with good walk paths, cafes and the sea.

What is the entry ticket cost of Al Jazair Public Beach – Zallaq Beach?

The entrance fee for the beach is BHD 2 and this can be used to redeem food or other services in the beach.

There is a VIP section with umbrella and beach chairs, which costs BHD 4 and you can even redeem the BHD 2 entrance voucher for this and pay balance 2 BHD only

They were supposed to keep the VIP side of the beach accessible to those who pay for the VIP area but we notice that a lot of people swim from the sea side and enter the other side.

They also have showers and washrooms here.

What are the timings for Al Jazair Public Beach?

The beach is open from 9 AM to 10 PM. Last checked, it was closed due to COVID but is open as of 2022.

The beach opens in the morning. The access to the sea closes by 6 PM (as it gets dark). However, you can still walk around the beach areas and eat from the restaurants. Once it closes, we usually shower in the public shower, change and leave by 7 PM.

What to do for food at the Al Jazair Public Beach Bahrain (Zallaq Beach)

They have many shops here such as Papa johns, Fuddruckers, Caribou, Dose Cafe and few other joints.

You can also just get your own food from home and enjoy your picnic here. Do not forget to get ice coolers for your cold drinks and water, if you are getting your own picnic spread.

Where is Al Jazair Public Beach located?

Al Jazair Public Beach is located in Zallaq. To get the exact location, check out the google maps below.

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