Al Rashid Bukhari Restaurant Bahrain Jurdab

Al Rashid Bukhari Restaurant Bahrain is located in Jurdab which is in the vicinity of Isa town. They offer a wide variety of biriyani and grills. I have to note that the food did not disappoint and the service was very good too. To know the must try here scroll down below.

Basic Info

Address (P.S. Google Maps below): Ajwad Aljabri Avenue, Jurdab, Bahrain
Time: 11 AM to 1 AM
Contact: 17228229
Parking: Yes, limited
Price Range: BHD 7 to 15 for two.

What to try at Al Rashid Bukhari Restaurant?

  • Mixed Grill (4 different types of kebab – one of the juicest I have had)
  • Afghani Rice (with mutton – was tasty)
  • Grilled Chicken

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Where is it located?

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