Best Shawarmas and Malghoom in Bahrain – Guide

A frequent question that I am asked being a food blogger is where do I find the best Shawarma‘s. Today I thought let me write about it because there are so many people who are searching for the best shawarmas and malghoom and Bahrain.

, Since childhood, Shawarma’s have been close to my heart. I say this because Showroom is used to cost only 300 to 400 so I can’t are the good people at any games events or whatever. So here are the most trade places to get your best Shawarma as well as Malcolm

Lebanese restaurant

Their meat shawarmas are my go to.

Al hantoor grill

Their meat malghoom is so yummy. Infact better than the chicken malghoom

Spicy cafe Hoora

Their shawarmas are juicy and meaty. Tastes good despite lacking Arabian flavors.

Turkish oven Gudaibiya

Their shawarma box is a must try.

Other suggestions From friends and other sources

1. Haifa in Adliya

2. Istanbul house janabiyah

3. Alshoalaa

4. Roosi, Aljabriya

5. Babu shawarma riffa

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