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DUTCHIPS Bahrain – Holland Street Fries Foodtruck

DUTCHIPS Bahrain - Holland Street Fries Foodtruck

Dutchips – Holland Street Fries Foodtruck is located in Isa town in Bahrain. They offer dutch chips/fries smothered in various sauces in a small to the large-sized cone. To know our favorites, scroll down below!

  • So these dutch chips or fries, come in 3 sizes. Small, medium, and large.
  • If you order the small size, you can select 1 flavor of the sauce.
  • Or, If you order medium size dutch chips, it is 2 flavors.
  • If large size, 3 flavors.
  • You can also add additional flavors at just BHD 0.200 (fils). Our favorite flavors are below!


Road 4103, Isa Town, Bahrain
5 PM to 12 AM – All days
Accepts Cash/BenefitPay/Card

What to order at DUTCHIPS Food Truck Bahrain?

  • Honey Mustard
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Mexican Chilli(Spicy)
  • Belgian Pepper (Spicy)
  • Dynamite Explosion (Spicy)
  • Creamy French


Where is DUTCHIPS Food Truck located?

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