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Filli Cafe Bahrain Manama (Closed)


Filli Cafe Bahrain was a restaurant located in Manama. They offer a variety of delicious tea and snacks. The Amabiance is beautiful and the staff are courteous and friendly. 

Filli Cafe - Bahrain Manama -  Simple food reviews bahrain


  • (Closed)
  • Near Souq, Al Khalifa Ave, Manama, Bahrain
  • 7 AM to 11 PM – ALL DAYS
  • 16667777

WHAT TO TRY AT Filli Cafe Bahrain Manama

My favorite here is the filli tea as well as the paratha bite, which comes in a combo. This is a must have here.  The quesadilla are also delicious.  Also Try the Filli tea with Saffron. The falafel roll here is delicious which is accompanied by french fries. Yum Yum. 

Filli Cafe - Bahrain Manama -  Simple food reviews bahrain


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