Flying with 080 Bangalore Domestic Lounge at the Bangalore Airport – Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru

080 Bangalore Domestic Lounge at the Bangalore Airport is located in the Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru. They have a domestic lounge called BLR Lounge in the ground floor. However, if you are an international flyer, you can go to the first floor lounge called 080 Lounge.

Even in international departure, you have a BLR Lounge and a 080 Lounge.

To access the lounge as an international flyer, use Mastercard dragon pass to access this lounge for free. I also hear there are many other cards which provide this lounge facility for almost free, let me know in the comments below if you want a seperate article on that.

The interiors are warm and provide a homely chic atmosphere. The lounge was mostly clean although it can be better.

What does 080 Bangalore Domestic Lounge at the Bangalore Airport offer?

1. Buffet

I was here for the breakfast and I loved the live dosa counter and the live omelette counter. The rest of the spread appeared good but I did not try it to comment. They also serve lunch and dinner buffet as applicable during the relevant time of the day.

2. Television/ movie room

Here there is a big tv with round seating to watch a game or a movie. I noticed that people just sleep on these sofas and it defeats the purpose. I must admit I came in the morning and so perhaps this was inevitable?

3. Library

Here they have a few collection of books that you can glance through and read.

4. Ample focused seating

The seating was extensive and there were few private pods as well. I must say when I visited here, there were more people than the lounge could handle.

Overall thoughts on the 080 Bangalore Domestic Lounge at the Bangalore Airport

Plus points of the Bangalore airport lounge

Great interiors

Ample seating with private spaces

Library and television room

Live food counters

Points for improvement

Cleanliness of the seating area is good but could be better

Coffee cups and water glasses should be replenished on time.

Milk must be changed in time to avoid spoilage in the coffee machine

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