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Global Village Dubai UAE

Global Village Dubai is located in UAE. It is an amusement park cum world shopping center which is spread across sections by each country of the world. In each country area, you will experience the culture shopping and food.

It is close to IMG Worlds Dubai. You can read the seperate article on our journey there.

Our experience at Global village

For now, let us focus on Global village. We reached here by 5 pm and ended at 12 pm. We were still unable to see and experience everything in 7 hours.

We went and visited each country and their shops. We observed that very few had food from their respective country’s cuisines. We would have loved to taste everything.

What to do at Global village – top things to do

  • There are many rides and experiences on the carnival side.
  • Live shows such as Broadways. During Christmas time we have the elves dance with Santa.
  • Stunt shows. You have to get seperate tickets.
  • Shopping for each country’s specialities.
  • Try the food all around. See next heading for the food spots.

What to do for food here?

There are different areas for food. I will highlight below because we didn’t know and spent our time in the wrong place. They are

1. Floating market

2. Vendors infront of the country entrances. These are usually just light snacks.

3. On the end where there is a carnivals filled with rides, you will find a whole line till entrance filled with different cuisine and food trucks. I recommend going here as you may find something that you like here.

4. Next to the floating market there are few restaurants and the lane of these restaurant leads to the main entrance and in this lane you will find even more interesting food options.

5. You can also try the food center withing each country.

There are literally so many things to do so give it your best to complete it in 1 day or come on different days for different experiences.

What time does Global village open

Global Village is conducted during the winter season of UAE when the scorching sun is under.

It starts at 4PM and goes on till 12 AM.

What is the ticket prize for Global Village Dubai UAE

The ticket price is 25 AED.

Where is Global village located

Global Village is located in UAE in Dubai. It is next to IMG Worlds of Adventure.

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