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Koko original coconut milk review

Koko original coconut milk is a light and fresh tasting drink that is an alternative to milk dairy and soya. The brand states it has added calcium, Vitamin d2 and b12.

What is it used for?

I use it as an alternative to milk. I am trying to reduce dairy products in my diet and I feel this is a good alternative. I like the texture – it is not too thick. It’s not sweet – yet packs a mild sweetness. my favorite part is the mild coconut flavor which just elevates my drinks.

I love making iced latte with this. It just elevates the coffee. I even use it in my hot coffee.

The only downside is that I need to add a little too much to get the right balance of milk to coffee as compared to dairy.

Incase you want the recipe, you can find it in recipe section of this website.

Important details and experience points

Sugar – 1.6g for 100 ml – this is the first thing I look at considering I am diabetic.

Taste – light refreshing coconut taste

Texture – medium, not too thick

Overall rating – 8/10

My ice coffee rating – 8/10

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