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Matrix Bahrain Juffair Mall

Matrix Bahrain is located in Juffair Mall on the 3rd floor, above lulu hyper market. This is a fun place which consists of many games and activities for all age groups.

I went here with my besties of 6 and had a blast. We tried the games we enjoyed, more details go which we will share below.

The rolling pins bowling area is now the Matrix with more games and fun.

Timings – there are open 4 PM TO 2 AM all days. On weekends (thu Fri Sat) they open at 2 PM

Contact – you can contact them on 36172477

What’s the price or ticket for Matrix Bahrain

There no ticket prices for entry. The price is for each activity or game. The prices are mentioned below with the games that they offer.

You have to recharge it on your watch which they provide you at 500 Fils. Their price recharges are mentioned below.

Special offers for Ramadan

Below are special packages which are available during Ramadan.

What games and activities are a must try here.

1. Roller skating

They provide all safety equipments. Just wear them and skate your heart out. They had a dj for a while playing some nice beats.

2. Bowling

Who can not love bowling? This is a fun game to play with your friends. Let the competition begin.

3. Escape room

This was exhilarating because it had multiple hurdles to overcome. From lasers, mazes and crossing hurdles. Loved it.

4. VR

You have many games here to choose from for a virtual reality experience. They have a shooting game which is the only multi-player here. Maximum 4 people can play at a time. The remaining rides revolve around Rollercoasters.

5. Football and cricket

For those who love these sports, it seems fun. I haven’t tried it myself. Let me know how you like them in the comments to this blog.

6.Go Kart racing

This is a race course with 1 floor above the ground. Have fun with your friends and race safely.

7. There are many selfie counters as you walk across the glass tiles corridor. Take some Selfies by yourself and friends.

What to do for food at The Matrix Bahrain Juffair Mall?

They have a restaurant called Dinerama, inside the Area. You can order pasta, pizza, burgers etc.

They have happy birthday stickers here near the seats.

Where is the Matrix Bahrain Juffair mall located

It is located on the fourth floor of Juffair mall. It is right above lulu and below the movie theater/ food court of juffair mall.

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