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Some like it hot at Cherry Square Mangalore – Food Review (Desserts)

Some like it hot at Cherry Square Mangalore (Desserts) – Food Review

Cherry Square Mangalore Some like it hot  Food Review (Desserts)
Look at that beautiful chocolate sauce melt off that Vanilla Topped Brownie in the above photo and the 6 second motion play below. Isn’t it beautiful? But does it taste equally the same? Yes it does.

About the dish and what I liked about this dessert?
The combination of that brownie topped by that scrumptious vanilla ice cream on a hot sizzler plate just melts your heart away. The most important aspect of “Some like it hot” is the brownie, so “the brownie being moist and not dry”, is a crucial part of this dessert. If not, the dessert will not be as satisfactory. Also, the cashew nuts and that chocolate syrup which is an added topping, would loose its taste and flavor if it is in excess, I like how they don’t overdo with the sauce.
What is different about this dish compared to it’s like counterparts?
It is the same as any other brownie topped ice-cream on a sizzlers plate, but is good nonetheless.  The hype that this dish has created, is truly remarkable. Whenever I go to cherry square, I ensure that is my first choice of dessert. This dish serves two persons unless you are really hungry or you have a huge eating capacity.

Cherry Square Mangalore Some like it hot  Food Review (Desserts)
What could be improved?
* It would be very nice if the sizzler plate isn’t overheated as this will help in avoiding the brownie  sticking to the plate and the caramelisation of the chocolate sauce.
* The scoop must be in perfect correlation with the brownie size so that it won’t fall off the brownie very easily. Mine wasn’t and it may have been due to the large crowd here, but there are no excuses. It may have been a matter of dumb luck perhaps.
Will I recommend this?
Yes, this is a very filling dessert. Although it’s price increases with the demand, it hasn’t failed to bring a smile on my face. However on my many visits, the taste of “Some like it hot” varies. It is very nice if consistency prevails always.
Taste – 9/10
Plating – 7/10
Value for money – 7/10
Service – 9/10
Ambience – 10/10
Price : Rs 170
Type : Dessert / Icecream
Place : Cherry Square Mangalore
Location : Besides SCS Hospital, Balmatta
Out of 5 : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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