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The Avenues Mall and Park Bahrain

Avenues mall is a mall located in the Manama city. It is a 1 floor, long walkway mall. There are so many fun things to do here which I have mentioned down below. Keep reading for more details.

Is parking available at The Avenues Mall?

There is ample parking available here. They have valet parking.

What fun things to do at The Avenues mall?

  • Enjoy a nice cup of coffee or meal with an outdoor lush view of the sea and nature. (Good time to go at evening at 5 PM to sit around for coffee since it is not yet completely dark at that time).
  • Go to watch a movie.
  • Go boating (it costs just 2 BHD per person).
  • Try out the cinnamon roll shop.
  • Take a walk outside the avenues mall park (with lush greeneries) or walk till the end of the mall and see the different shops.
  • Take a candy making class.
  • Try the Turkish ice-cream for a fun experience failing to catch the cone.
  • Visit the cheesecake factory and try out their extensive menu.
  • Try steak at Texas Roadhouse
  • Go to Cinnabon and try their Cinnabon. Read more here
  • Go shopping (duh!).

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Where is it located?

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