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The Rameshwaram Cafe Bangalore – Bengaluru

The Rameshwaram Cafe Bangalore is located in many parts of Bengaluru. I went to the one in Indiranagar. They offer authentic South Indian cuisine ranging from dosas, idlis, rice type items, masala tea and filter coffee. To know our favorite food to order, keep scrolling below.

There is no place to sit and eat. There are 2 side standing tables which house very few people. Most people prefer to stand and eat. I personally do not like to stand out here and eat during summer after noons.

You order at cashier and pay. Then they process your order and call your ticket no. For coffee and tea go to them with your token with your bill.

What is a must order food at The Rameshwaram Cafe Bangalore Indiranagar?

Open Butter Masala Dosa

Ghee Masala Dosa

Ghee Podi Masala dosa

Podi idli

Ven Pongal

Ghee roast masala dosa

Filter coffee ❤️❤️

Masala tea (it has min sugar so I couldn’t make it without sugar, not that it would bother you)

Menu of the Rameshwaram Cafe Bangalore

You will have to zoom in to read. Sorry but this was the best I could do.

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