Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore – Food Tasting Review

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore – Food Tasting Review

Trattoria Mangalore Food - Italian Restaurant
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Hello My Food Lovers from around the World,

I was invited to the Food Tasting of the new dishes that are to be introduced on Trattoria Mangalore’s Food Menu. Trattoria is one of Mangalore’s famous Italian Restaurant. This December 2017, it took some time off and has come back even stronger. It’s new look or rather, it’s new theme is based on one of the most famous greek cities, “Santorini”. This place was already good and now with this makeover, it’s out of this country. Get it? Greece?… Okay. Never mind, …bad joke. Anyways, Let the pictures do the talking.

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore - Food Tasting Review
View from the Entrance!

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore - Food Tasting Review
It’s hot in there!
Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore - Food Tasting Review
Well, isn’t this cute?
Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore - Food Tasting Review
Entrance to another country 😉

The color Blue is associated with calmness of the mind. The theme brings in a sense of belonging and at the same time, goes hand-in-hand with the dishes that are being served here. I will be posting the pictures of the whole course meal below. You are in for a treat!

No personal parking but there is space besides the restaurant for parking.

This place being authentic to it’s flavors, tends to get filled up on weekends. I suggest you calling them in advance to reserve your tables.

They have a 24 person seating hall for your birthday parties or big family dinners.You can call them in advance and choose the meal course you want. I have been told the pricing is very reasonable.

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore - Food Tasting Review
24 Seating for Functions/Events/Birthday Parties

Do you want me to write on “What is a full course meal? and What combinations can one expect in a full course meal?” Let me know in the comments section below.

Yes, I’ve confirmed with the management. This place is certified Halal.

Well done. Let me divert the attention to the table clothes in the picture below. What do you think about it? Comment below.

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore - Food Tasting Review
Please Sit Down!

For drinks, I chose Ice Tea which was served in a pot. It is an healthy option and I liked the traditional feel to it. Check out the picture below to see what I am talking about. They also serve Coke, Pepsi, Thumbsup, Sevenup and other similar  fizzy drinks but the option of other innovative drinks like the Ice tea is limited.

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore Ice Tea
Ice tea pot – serves 4

I. Starters
Normally, any good meal starts with Good Starters and I loved the variety they offered. For starters, I had the following :-

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore Hunter Cold Soup
1 Hunter Cold Soup with a Sugarcane Stick

Ever had a shot? If so, that’s exactly how you drink this soup and then munch on the sugarcane coated with a unique sauce. The flavors were exotic. Spicy BBQ Flavor is pretty much close to what it tastes like. Never tasted anything like this in Mangalore before. I will definitely try this again.

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore - Veg Vietnamese Spring rolls
2 Veg Vietnamese Springrolls served cold served with a sweet sauce.

This is for the Vegetarians. The Flavors were alright. My only concern was that they were too fragile and easily breakable which created a difficulty in having them.

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore - Chicken Vietnamese Spring rolls
3 Chicken Vietnamese Springrolls served cold served with a sweet sauce.

The Spring rolls were much better in the Non veg variant. (i.e chicken)

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore - Chicken Vietnamese Spring rolls
4 Quinoa Salad 

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore Quinoa Salad
4 Quinoa Salad – Zoomed Image

The Ingredients were fresh. All you health and fitness enthusiasts out there , this is made keeping y’all in mind.

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore Dim Sums
6 Dim Sums

The Chicken Dim Sums were definitely winners. The Veg Dim Sums were also equally good. The smell, the steam, the flavors made sure I had my dim sums without the sauce which was served along with this dish.

II. Main-Course
If you thought the starters looked good, wait until you see the main-course and desserts. For main course, I had the following :-

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore Ravioli
7 Basil ravioli

A Strong Basil Flavored Ravioli which is stuffed with home made cheese. I must add, that the pasta was cooked perfectly and undoubtedly fresh.

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore Ravioli
8 Purple Ravioli

The only difference between the Basil Ravioli and Purple Ravioli is that this is stuffed with Pumpkin along with Home made Cheese.

Trattoria, Balmatta Mangalore mashed potatos
9 Mashed Potato

Never tasted Mashed Potato like this in Mangalore. Definitely something unique. Love the texture of the mashed potato.

Trattoria Mangalore Cava-a-Nora with Demi Glaze
10 Cava-a-Nora with Demi Glaze

This Perfectly Cooked Chicken was stuffed with Squid and the Demi Glaze Sauce and served with Quinoa Rice. Also, Why do i say perfectly cooked chicken. Just zoom in and see the color of that chicken, wouldn’t you agree that it’s perfectly cooked?

Trattoria Mangalore Cava-a-Nora with tomato sauce
11 Cava-a-Nora with Tomato Sauce

A different variation of the above dish. This is served with a tomato sauce inplace of the demi glaze sauce. A small piece of advise, “Either have the ‘Cava-a-Nora with Demi glaze sauce’ or ‘Cava-a-Nora with the Tomato Sauce’ but never both together”.

III. Desserts
The most important and the most awaited part of any meal are the Desserts. I had the following:-

Trattoria mangalore desserts - tiramisu, pannacotta, white chocolate and chocolate mousse
12 Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, White chocolate Mousse with caramel, Chocolate Mousse.

This Tiramisu was way too juicy. Trattoria is one of the few places to serve Authentic Tiramisu in Mangalore. But normally, this is an acquired taste. Your call.

The White Chocolate Mousse with Caramel and the Chocolate Mousse were just the right texture. Need to have more of this for my tummy! Yes, you must try it.

The Panna Cotta topped with strawberries is also an acquired taste. I enjoyed it. The texture was spot on. Your call on this dessert as well.

Note : These Ratings are only based on the Food served at the Food tasting that was held on 24th Jan, 2018 .

The Ratings are on a Scale of 1 to 10.

Starters : 8/10
Main Course : 9/10
Desserts : 10/10

Overall Out of 5 : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Hope this gives post gives you a glimpse of the possible new dishes which may be coming up on Trattoria’s menu. Thank you for taking your time to read this. If you liked our post, comment below and let us know. 

That’s all folks!

Food makes the World go Round!So Eat! How was that? 😉

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