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Vitos Manipal – Cafe and Pizeria

Vitos Manipal is located in Manipal at Eshwar Nagar. They offer a wide variety Italian cuisine ranging from wood fired pizza and pastas. They also have a good English breakfast menu. Service is slow and the food takes 20 mins approx to be ready. To know our favorites, Scroll down below

They also have a bakery called Sugarplum Bakery and Patisserie attached.

8.30 AM TO 11 PM – All days


Parking is available.

What to eat at Vitos Manipal

Fluffy loaded blueberry pancakes (the blueberry marmalade with the yummy not too sweet pancakes and that heavenly maple sauce is a great way to go)

Creamy scrambled eggs (yummy scrambled eggs with hash brown and baked beans – baked beans was just tomato ketchup, but rest of the breakfast was yum)

Omelette with grilled chicken (amazing except for the baked beans)

Omelette with broccoli and veggies (yum for the health conscious)

Irish coffee ❤️ (comes with espresso shots topped with whipped cream – although good, is on the sweater side thanks to the whipped cream)

Cappuccino (good and healthy for me)

Vitos Manipal Food menu

Where is Vitos Manipal located?

Vito’s is located in Manipal.

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