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When you crave for burger, you crave it like it’s the only food in the world. Maybe, that’s just me. I keep getting questions from my followers on the best burger in Mangalore and so on. Before we proceed, if you have not followed me on my food journey on Instagram, you won’t regret it. Stalking good food is good for your heart ;P

Back to the topic in hand, I am very critical with burgers and very picky when coming to choose them. These places which  shall list below offer some really juicy burgers you should try atleast once.

Best Burgers in Mangalore - Burger Joints in Mangaluru - Simple Food & Reviews

1. The Old Prax
It is one of the oldest places in town that started burgers. It is located in Mallikatte Kadri near to City Hospital. More deets on

2. Burger Lounge
They have crafted some delicious burgers which are generally accompanied by fries and a mayo sauce that just compliments each other. It is located in Jail road near to Canara PU college. More deets on

3. Ideals Cafe
Having grown up eaten, juicy non-veg burgers, this crafty innovation is just the best alternative to burgers and I cannot get enough of it. Veg Burger/ Machine Gun are the burgers to try here. You can find this place in Hampankatta, near to city centre. More deets

4. Midnight Bistro Mangalore
This is midnight food delivery service that offers some delicious burgers. To know more deets, click here

5. Knight Street
This is another midnight food delivery service that offers juicy burgers. Sugar spice burger is a new addition to their menu which you should not miss. More deets on

6. Knight Bite
This is one of the first midnight food delivery service(or cloud kitchen, whatever you like to call it) in Mangalore. Give these burgers a try at night. More deets on

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