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Best Chinese Restaurants in Bahrain

Hello again My Simple Foodies. Are you craving Chinese? Don’t know a good place? Afraid to take a risk and be let down with the food? Well, I was here too. I went through the same thing and since there aren’t many resources out there. I thought of compiling some of the top Chinese restaurants in Bahrain.


So, this week I was craving for some Chinese and my foodie family at #BahrainBloggersGroup came to my rescue. I am gonna put on my food critique hat and doddle around town to try all these places. As I try them, I will be putting individual posts out on my experience along with the must-have food in each of these restaurants. Hope you are all excited as I am and enjoy reading and filling your bellies. Here we go:-


  1. Box it
  2. MOMO Food of the Himalayas (Zahr Al Ruman Restaurant) or also known as Momoxchinesebh
  3. Charcoal Grill
  4. Peking Tokyo
  5. Foli Chinese
  6. Lanterns
  7. David’s Stir Fry
  8. PF Changs
  9. Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant
  10. Wok Station
  11. Shenzu
  12. Beijing Chinese Restaurant

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1. Box it

BOX IT Bahrain

Box It has restaurants all around Bahrain. I went to the food court at Saar Mall just to try them, when I realized too late that their Budaiya branch was closed. I love how they present all their food in typical Chinese takeaway boxes, as the brand name goes hehe. To read more about them and to know what to have, click here.

2. MOMO Food of the Himalayas (Zahr Al Ruman Restaurant ) or Also called Momoxchinesebh

MOMO Food of the Himalayas Bahrain - Zahr Al Ruman Restaurant Bahrain

It is a small restaurant located in Riffa as well as Manama. This is a good place for Chinese food. They offer ramen, momos, chop suey, tea and so much more! To read more about them and to know what to order, click here.

3. Charcoal Grill Umm Al Hassam

Charcoal Grill Bahrain

They offer a good mix of Chinese and Arabian cuisine. To read more about them and to know what to order, click here.

4. Peking Tokyo Bahrain

Peking Tokyo Bahrain Umm Al Hassam Sushi

To read more about them and to know what to order, click here.

The rest of the restaurants in the above list are on our bucket list and we will try and let you know more about them soon!

Hope this article on Best Chinese Restaurants in Bahrain helped you in making the right food decision.

This is Team Simple Food & Reviews, signing out for today. Check out more restaurants in Bahrain here.

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