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Cucina Italian Restaurant Bahrain

Cucina Italian Restaurant Bahrain is located in Juffair near Juffair Mall. They offer authentic Italian cuisine. The interiors are elegant and creates a cohesive space for all.

They have the smoking and non smoking area. You can choose the one that you fancy.

P.S. This place serves alcohol.

The staff were polite and courteous. They ensured we had a delightful experience and even helped us order the best dishes.

Timings – they are open from 12 PM TO 1 AM

You can contact them on 17001317

What is the must try food at Cucina Italian Restaurant Bahrain?

They start off with cut bread with olive oil as a complimentary start.

Quattro stagioni pizza – 4 pizzas in one. Bacon olive chicken , artichokes

Diavola Pizza,


Bruschetta Al Pomodoro,

Spaghetti Bolognese,

Lasagne Bolognese (light balanced and flavorful)


Cocktails I tried are:

Negroni – loved the bitter flavors of the drink

Watermelon Sicilian Sangria – this is their specials and comes in other flavors too. Loved the fusion of sweet and bitter flavors. Don’t forget to stir it well for the best experience.

Cucina Bahrain Italian Restaurant Dessert Menu

Took a quick shot for future reference. Hope it is clear enough 😛

Where is Cucina Italian Restaurant Bahrain located?

They are located besides Juffair Mall more or less.

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