Flying with 080 Bangalore International Lounge Bengaluru Review

080 BLR International Lounge or the 080 Bangalore International Lounge Bengaluru is located in the Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru. I went here at 12 AM since my flight was at 4 AM.

The interiors are greatly themed with wood and nature. The vibes reflect a positive warm atmosphere to relax and work if you have to. The visual aesthetics truly make it a remarkable place to relax before flying.

The staff are very polite and courteous and are very quick to help. Their amicable hospitality only elevated my experience here.

I do notice that the lounge gets crowded quite quick, which is something that could be worked on as I faced the same with the domestic lounge.

This lounge is far better than the 080 Domestic lounge. You can read about my experience in the domestic lounge here.

You can contact them on 08657541675.

The Lounge is open 24 hours.

How to access the 080 Bangalore International Lounge?

You will have to pay their access charge to access the lounge. However, if you can access it for free if you have the below:

  • Dragon pass app via the applicable Master credit cards for Gulf credit card users.
  • International flights with lounge systems such as Gulf air, Etihad etc… (I am on Gulf air silver membership and when flying with gulf air, they provide the access to the local lounge too. You also get lounge access when you have fly via business class of Gulf air)
  • Applicable domestic credit cards.

What does the 080 Bangalore International Lounge offer?

  1. Unlimited Buffet – Although the buffet options were limited, their live counters were the winner for me. They had 3 counters open for dinner- adai dosa counter, risotto counter and laksha curry station with prawns. They later changed their curry station to Grilled chicken skewers.
  2. Open Bar – Unfortunately, it was a dry day when when I flew. Else, there are ample options.
  3. Spa – they have many services here for a separate charge.
  4. Ample seating – they have work stations, sofa seatings and mess seating. I have not noticed any specific pods or sleep area here. The dedicated work station was very minimal too, although one can always sit on a sofa seaters and work.

Overall, the looks and the hospitality elevates the experience at the lounge.

Where is 080 Bangalore International Lounge located?

It is located in the first floor of the Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru.

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