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Kallu Ganpathi Temple – Shiriyur near Udupi – Karnataka India

Authored by Shishira

There are plenty of unexplored or lesser known yet wonderful places in Karnataka. One such place is Kallu Ganpathi Temple. Until about 4 years ago, this place was not known to the outer world. But because of the popularity of social media, many tourists have begun to flock around this place daily.

What is Kallu Ganpathi Temple?

Kallu Ganpathi Temple is a very small temple in Karnataka India. The presence of various rocks surrounding the temple makes it attractive. The year in which the temple was built and who built the temple is unknown. The temple worships lord Ganesha, lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. There is a river on the other side of this temple.

What are the timings?

It is open 24 hours.

How does the transportation look like?

You will need to drive to this location.

What to do here?

Bask in the beauty of this ancient place as well as the beauty of the surrounding areas.

Where is Kallu Ganpathi Temple located?

Kallu Ganapati Temple is in Shiriyur, located at a distance of 28 kms from Udupi. This is in the Karnataka state of India.

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