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Sharavati Kandla Mangrove Walk Way Honnavara

Honnavara is an untouched paradise is situated in Uttarakannada district of Karnataka. There are various tourist attractions at Honnavara. Today let’s see about one unique place that is situated in Honnavara ie, Sharavathi Kandla Walkway which has become the most popular tourism spot in Honnavara within a year of it’s inauguration. This place should definitely be in your bucket list if you love exploring different places.

What is Sharavathi Kandla Walkway?

Sharavathi Kandla Walkway is a well paved wooden walkway that takes the visitors in the middle of the Mangrove forest and Sharavathi river. After walking for around 1.5 kms, you will reach the major attraction of the walkway ie, narrow wooden walkway that is built across an island like place in between the Mangrove forest which is definitely a wonderful experience.

What is the timings of Sharavathi Kandla Walkway?

Every day 9 am to 6.30 pm

What to do at Sharavathi Kandla Walkway?

  • Walk along 3 different bridges that takes you to the major attraction
  • Kasarkod eco-beach is located right opposite to this walkway

What is the contact number of Sharavathi Kandla Walkway?

Not available

What is the entry fee?

Entry fee is Rs. 10 per head

Are there any restaurants near Sharavathi Kandla Walkway?

No. There is a small shop selling ice-cream and some snacks near the entrance.

Is parking available at Sharavathi Kandla Walkway?

There is a parking space sufficient to park 4-5 vehicles only, but you can park your vehicles on the roadside safely.

How does the transportation look like?

Sharavathi Kandla Walkway is accessible by road. But there is no public transport available to this place. Nearest bus stand is Honnavara. Nearest railway station is also Honnavara.

Where is Sharavathi Kandla Walkway located?

This beautiful place is located at a distance of around 3.3 kms from Honnavara right opposite to the popular Kasarkod eco-beach.

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