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How to get the UAE 5 year Multi Entry Visa? – Our Experience

I stay in Bahrain and we decided we want to go on vacation to UAE and thought the 5 year visa was the best route since we can keep revisiting UAE on our holidays. Today we are writing on the UAE 5 year Multi Entry Visa – Our Experience.

What is the UAE 5 year Multi Entry Visa?

It is a visa issued to family members to obtain a multi-entry tourist visa for a period of (5 years) and allows the beneficiary to stay in the country for a continuous period not exceeding (90) days and may be expanded to a period not exceeding 180 days during the year.

How to apply?

  1. Go to the website –
  2. Go to the 5 year visa form and fill in the application.
  3. You will also need to submit the following
    • Bank statements of last 6 months – From all online materials, we thought only the last month should have the balance of 4000 USD. However, when we called their customer care to why mine was rejected, they mentioned that the bank statements to be stamped and each month there should be 4000 USD balance. It was such a disappointment.
    • Proof of Place of Residence – You will need to upload your hotel reservation. Incase you have family there, you can upload your lease agreement/ electricity bill and relationship status to be mentioned.
    • Photo – Upload a clear passport size photo with the correct background.
    • Air ticket – A valid air ticket to and from the country.
    • Health Insurance – A valid health insurance policy within the country.

What is the application fee?

The fees can be broken down into below

  • Request fee AED 100
  • Issue fee AED 500
  • Eservice fee AED 28
  • ICP fee AED 22
  • Security deposits AED 3025
  • Total amount is AED 3675

The security deposit will be refunded once you visit and exit the country.

What to do if you visa application gets rejected?

You can submit the first time and if your application gets rejected, you can resubmit upto 3 times and after that the applications gets cancelled and the money will be refunded. The application will be cancelled, after return of 3 times, if the data is incomplete/non compliant.

The application will be cancelled automatically after lapse of 30 days in the event that the application is returned due to missing/incomplete data.

Issuance fees are refunded to you only if the application is rejected by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

One area to watch out

the emails that you receive when application is rejected, are not very specific and are very generic. For example, if something is wrong with the bank statement, they do not write what is the issue, they just write rejected due to bank statement. Then, we need to spend time to figure out what it is such as calling the customer care number.

One good thing is that response time is within same day of submission.

The above are specific requirements that are applicable to most. I would suggest reading the more detailed FAQ. To read, refer to their website by clicking here.

Whats the latest with us?

Since our travel dates are closing in and we have not gotten through with this visa, we will travel with the 30 day visit visa and figure out the 5 year visa later. My cousin was one of the lucky ones who got the visa immediately.

Update :

Mine and one of my friends visa got approved (we resubmitted with revision on sun night and got the approval email on monday morning). We went for a week and returned to Bahrain. My other friend was not lucky and it got rejected. So he came with us a single entry 30 day visit visa.

Incase your visa gets rejected, then you will loose 50 AED and get the remaining amount back from my friends experience.

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