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Salman City Beach Bahrain Budaiya

Salman City Beach Bahrain is a small beach located near Budaiya. It is beautiful, calm and is one of those chic beaches which we have come across. Some parts of the beach are rocky, so do be careful while treading without footwear. We are writing this article to help you find exotic travel destinations here in Bahrain for your holidays. Here are more details about Salman City Beach for your adventurous eyes.

Salman City Beach Bahrain Budaiya

What to do at Salman City Beach?

  1. Walk by the beach
  2. Bask in the water and the sun
  3. Walk your pets
  4. See the jellyfish in the waters (Do not touch them. they are dangerous of course)
  5. Play a sport/ games in the sandy parts of the beach
Salman City Beach Bahrain Budaiya
The Jellyfish in the beach at a close glance
Salman City Beach Bahrain Budaiya
Walk by the beautiful beach

What to do about the food here?

There aren’t any restaurants here. So I recommend getting your own food, snacks and drinks.

What are the timings for Salman City Beach?

It is open 24 hours and is open to public free of charge.

Salman City Beach Bahrain Budaiya
Beautiful Clear Water of the beach

How to reach Salman City Beach?

We drove by car to the destination. I am not sure if public transportation is available to this location, but you cannot find any public transportation to return from here.

Where is Salman City Beach located in Bahrain?

Salman City Beach is located near Budaiya in the Northern City. You can check out the map below or click on this link – Salman City Beach in Bahrain

Salman City Beach Bahrain Budaiya

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